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Investment Process

At Arbor Partners, we view the investment process as an evolving relationship, not a mere financial transaction.

The initiation of a potential investment relationship begins with the careful evaluation of the company's business plan. Should the plan depict an opportunity that meets Arbor Partner's investment criteria someone from the firm will contact the entrepreneur to arrange a meeting.

If the initial meeting with management reinforces mutual interest in proceeding, we will commence a thorough due diligence review. This process typically involves subsequent discussions with management to learn more about their capabilities. In addition, we will also conduct a careful examination of the product, market environment and evaluate the viability of the company's business model. Of course, we encourage management to conduct a simultaneous assessment of our firm's compatibility and value as a business partner.

Arbor Partner's investment decisions require the collective agreement of the venture capitalists in our firm. Upon the favorable concurrence of our team, we will submit a term sheet outlining the key provisions of our proposed investment. If accepted, we will be prepared to commence the drafting of necessary documentation and will work diligently with management to close the transaction. The time required to complete a transaction can vary from a few weeks to several months, with 60-90 days being a typical timeframe.